Tell Me Tuesday #62


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This week is basically going to be devoted to catching up on my group reads, as I’ve fallen behind in two of the three. I’m just not motivated right now. I mean I want to read, in theory, but I sit down to try or put on my headphones I immediately zone out or fall asleep. I’m blaming it on caffeine withdrawals. I haven’t had any in about 2 months and while the other symptoms I have basically shrugged off, I can’t quite shake the desire to sleep about 18 of the 24 hours every day. My migraines have calmed down and I don’t really mentally crave the caffeine anymore, but my body is feeling it for sure. This is my third time going through this and it’s never any easier.

Last Read

  • Roverandom by J.R.R. Tolkien – This was quite a cute story. It follows a dog (Rover) as he is cursed and travels far and wide to break that curse.

Currrently Reading

  • A Wizard of Earthsea by Ursula K. Le Guin – I’ve been wanting to try out an Earthsea book for a while. I remember checking out one from the library when I was in middle school, but I didn’t get around to reading it. Now I’m reading a chapter a day with a group of people on Litsy. So far I’m really enjoying it.
  • The Color Purple by Alice Walker – I’m about 54% done with this one, but I needed a bit of a break from it. Hopefully, I can pick back up this week.

Other Updates

  • I completed another point and click game (Nightmares from the Deep 2) and I’m working on my second playthrough of Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride. They are both by the same developer, so they’ve been consistently fun.
  • I also completed a game called Submerged, which is a quiet game that relies on art to tell its story. I enjoyed it, but collecting all the items got a little tiring towards the end.



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Sunday Post #285

Sunday Post

The Sunday Post is a meme hosted by Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer.

This week was a bit better than last but only just. I’m still deep in my achievement hunting on Xbox (Shadowrose96, I solemnly swear not to bug you.) and it’s been the escape I need from the rest of the week. I finished up two point and click games and I’ve been working on Monster Hunter World & Divinity: Original Sin. I have another dentist appointment this week as does my boyfriend, thankfully it won’t cost as much as last time. I might take the day off entirely since I won’t be done until about midway through my normal work shift and it’s been a little slow lately.

All in all, I need a nap. A really long nap.

Books Read

  • Roverandom by J.R.R. Tolkien (Short Story)

Last Week

Tell Me Tuesday

Forgot to type a review again…

Book Haul


Slow week on the blog

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